Boundary Waters

AUG 19 - AUG 24, 2023

Northern Minnesota, Superior National Forest


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4.0 / 5.0

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Boundary Waters, Northern Minnesota, Superior National Forest


This trip is a great opportunity for Eagles who want a new experience in a remote part of the country. 6 days of canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)

Look up “Summer Adventure” in the dictionary and you’ll see this Boundary Waters Expedition at the top. This Expedition is for the Eagle who is eager to explore a pristine and remote part of our country; for the Eagle who wants to swim in cool, clear lakes and listen to loons at night; and for the Eagle who wants to experience camaraderie that can only be found through small unit teamwork.

For five nights Eagles will travel by canoe across wild lakes and rivers, portaging all gear and supplies over-land, and setting up camp on the shores of a summer paradise. By day, it’s all about exploring, covering miles on water and land, and having a blast. Working together under the summer sun will earn those invigorating swim breaks. By night, fix your gaze to the starlit skies above and open your ears to the sounds of loons calling across the still waters of tranquil lakes. Breathe deep and unwind with your teammates as you share a warm dinner around the campfire, then prepare to do it again the next day.

All backcountry meals, gear, shuttle, guides, and hotel stay before and after the trip are included in the $250 registration fee. Eagles can fundraise the fee, or fundraise more to support the Expeditions program, or simply pay out of pocket.

Additional Information:

Packing List

Training Plan

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AUG 19 - 24, 2023

4.0 / 5.0 This trip is rated 4.0 out of 5 from leisurely to strenuous.


Northern Minnesota, Superior National Forest

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6-Days, 5-Night Canoeing Trip

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$250 per participant

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Information Session:

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Application window has closed for the Boundary Waters Expedition

The application window for this expedition is June 16-July 7

Level of Difficulty

4 out of 5.

What makes this trip difficult?

  • Consider constant movement for several hours per day. Between breaking down camp in the morning to paddling and portaging up to 15 miles in a given day, with the elements, then arriving at camp to then set everything up again. The days can be very long and exhausting.

  • Physically the movements are not strenuous like doing 100 burpees, but you are constantly on the move, and if it’s a big lake, you have strong wind fighting you to knock your boat off course.

  • The sheer vastness and remoteness of the area is not to be underestimated. There is no “I can leave and get picked up”. An early exit would require a helicopter and a life threatening emergency. 

  • Eagles should be comfortable spending several days with only the people in their group, with no outside contact and no resources aside from what is with the group.

Start the Adventure

  • Canoeing along the Boundary Waters

  • Portaging, hiking, fishing, stargazing

  • Primitive camping within a labyrinth of islands, lakes and wetlands

  • Abundant wildlife

  • Swimming

  • Group meals

  • Connecting with fellow Eagles

Trip Highlights and Activities:

At a Closer Glance

  • Training plan including a Portage challenge

  • All meals on the trail

  • All backpacking gear for those who need it

  • All group camping gear

  • Professional backcountry guide

  • Hotel lodging before and after the expedition

Expedition Includes:

Trip Overview


Arrive Friday, August 18

    • Canoe put-in Monday, Aug 19

    • Canoe take-out Saturday, Aug 24

      • Lodge on the 24th and 25th

If flying, depart Minneapolis Monday, August 26

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