Moving Forward: 21 Years Since 9/11

Mike Erwin runs up stairs in New York City carrying an American flag and wearing the Team Red, White, and Blue shirt.

September 11th is a time of reflection for many members of the military community. Approaching the 21st anniversary of that fateful day, I’ve spent time thinking about how 9/11 affected my life—and the lives of my fellow veterans. While some of those memories can be challenging to unpack, looking at the past is a big part of moving forward.

I had just started my senior year at West Point when the first planes struck the Twin Towers, just 45 miles south of my location. As a direct result of the attacks, I went on to serve three combat tours. And as an indirect result, I started Team Red, White & Blue 9 years later.

Like many of us who have worn the uniform, I wanted to make a difference for my fellow veterans. During my time at grad school, I visited Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, witnessing firsthand the struggle many post-9/11 veterans faced as they transitioned to civilian life. Like so many of you, I felt called to do something about it.

By forging America’s leading health and wellness community for veterans, Team RWB pays tribute to those who risked and lost their lives during the events of September 11—and in the wars that followed. We believe that as veterans and supporters, it’s important to live a life worthy of their sacrifice and to show future generations of service members that their country is behind them.

On the anniversary of September 11, that’s important because there are still millions of veterans out there who don't know about Team RWB yet. This weekend, I encourage you to recognize the events of that day in a way that best supports your personal health and wellness journey, knowing that Eagle Nation is beside you.

This weekend, I’ll honor them with my own workout, followed by a day at the track in Kansas City with NASCAR Driver Tyler Reddick and our friends at Guaranteed Rate. We’ll be there on September 11 to spread the word about our mission because we know that when veterans learn about Team RWB, they join the team. We also know that when they join us, they become healthier—feeling the patriotism, accountability, pride, and community that soars from the Eagle's wings.


Mike Erwin

Team RWB Founder & Executive Director


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