Embracing the Challenge: Marc’s MCM Fundraising Story

Marc Guido running across the finish line in a Hulk t-shirt

In the world of running, there are races that transcend personal achievements because they fuel a greater purpose. Marc Guido is experiencing this as a member of the Team RWB 2023 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) fundraising team. He currently holds the spot of top fundraiser, raising over $1,500 so far!

Marc's ties to the military run deep. His brother is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy and two of his closest friends are in the Army and another is a Marine. As a lifelong athlete, Marc has always pursued physical challenges, playing lacrosse in college and currently playing hockey every Wednesday and Saturday. Last year, he decided to take on running and ran his first 5K with a friend. He’s been pushing himself to conquer greater distances ever since. 

Marc had seen several guys wearing Team RWB shirts at his races and was inspired to learn more about our organization. He was excited to discover a like-minded community with members “who are out there and getting after it.”

When Marc decided to run his first marathon, he knew it had to be the MCM. It holds a special place in his heart. In 2010, Marc witnessed his brother, a Navy Academy graduate, run the MCM. It was his brother’s first marathon and Marc wants to follow in his footsteps. He can’t wait to honor his brother, friends, and all veterans this October at the race.

Marc joined the Team RWB MCM fundraising team two months ago because he wanted to give back to those who have served. His commitment to the cause and desire to be part of something greater motivated him to push past his comfort zone and reach out to his network for support.

Marc's fundraising journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He quickly surpassed his initial goal of $800 and became a top fundraiser. Marc isn’t particularly active on social media and was blown away by the support he’s received from friends, coworkers, and community members who share his passion to support veterans. 

Reflecting on his experience, Marc offers simple yet powerful advice to those considering fundraising for Team RWB. He encourages individuals to take the leap, answer the call, and "just do it." Reach out to your network, share your story, and have faith in their willingness to support our veterans. 

By joining the Team RWB fundraising team, you too can embrace the challenge, find purpose, and experience the incredible sense of fulfillment that comes from running with Eagle Nation.


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