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New Features

In addition to providing access to thousands of local events led by volunteer leaders throughout the country, along with virtual events and workouts, Version 3.0 now adds some amazing new features. Challenges, badges, workout tracking and leaderboards are now available on iOS, Android, and the website.

  • Get Social

    Find and follow other members from across Eagle Nation. Post your own content and engage with other Eagles sharing their stories and participating in events across the globe.

    Learn more about engaging with your social feed.

  • Discover and Participate

    Find events near you or tackle virtual challenges and workouts with Eagles across the country. Post photos and comments on the event thread to share your Eagle Fire with your followers.

    Learn more about searching for events.

  • Create & Manage Events

    Got an idea for an event? Now you can create your own member-generated event directly from the App and share it with your friends. Rock the Eagle and schedule events that are compatible with your location, activity interests, and timeframes that work for you.

    Learn more about creating events.

  • Notifications

    Get event updates and see who is engaging with your content.

    Learn more about viewing and interacting with notifications.

  • Questions?

    Learn more about the Team RWB App with helpful articles explaining the new features available in Version 2.0. Email us at if you still need help.

  • More active in my personal life

    Since becoming a part of Team RWB 4 yrs ago I’ve become more active in my personal life. I have an extended family base in them that entitles me unconditional support any time that I need to reach out. The app is really awesome in that it allows me to stay informed and sign up for the latest virtual RWB events, all from the palm of my hand. I look forward to experiencing the relationships, positivity, and camaraderie whenever I am around my Team RWB fam.

    LYL R.

  • Camaraderie and Support

    I've been struggling to find that camaraderie and push to get back into shape and stay healthy, mentally and physically.

    This app and program have helped me with both of those. Thank you.


  • Helpful app in my life

    Most of the guys I served with live hours and even states away. I still keep in touch with them regularly but it’s nice to find local vets to stay active and get involved locally with. It’s been a helpful app in my life.

    DAVID H.