Team RWB Leadership

Team RWB Staff

  • Mike Erwin

    Executive Director

  • Dan Brostek

    Chief of Staff

  • John Pinter

    Deputy Director - Business Operations & Special Projects

Business Operations & Finance

  • Laken Stutzman

    Director of Finance

  • Nita Pennardt

    Associate Director of People

  • Jessica Howell smiles wearing a Team R-W-B shirt

    Jessica Howell

    Accounting Coordinator


  • Jennifer Sorenson

    Director of Development

  • Arthur Blue

    Fundraising Events Development Manager

  • Jennifer DiPalma

    Development Manager

  • John Faunce

    Special Events Manager

  • MaryPatterson-TeamRWB

    Mary Patterson

    Grants Manager

  • Alec Rhodes

    Alec Rhodes

    Ecommerce & Partnerships Manager

  • Aaron Wolf

    Events Manager

Marketing and Communications

  • MargaretBritten-TeamRWB

    Margaret Britten

    Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Bryana Allen

    Associate Director - Channel & Content Strategy

  • Aaron Marks

    Community Manager

  • Jordyn Nguyen

    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Katie Sanchez

    Graphic Designer

Member Experience

  • Jeremy Mitchell

    Special Projects Administrator

  • Jimmy Barrett

    Jimmy Barrett

    Veteran Engagement Project Manager

  • CaitlinPollard-TeamRWB

    Caitlin Pollard

    Onboarding Experience Manager

  • Nicholas Devlin

    Veteran Engagement Manager

  • Abel Huerta III

    Veteran Engagement Manager

  • KianO'Donohue-TeamRWB

    Kian O'Donohue

    Veteran Engagement Manager

  • LaniFaulkner-TeamRWB

    Lani Faulkner

    Activity Group Manager

  • Cindy Moore

    Volunteer Experience Specialist

  • Gloria Bermudez-Bly

    State Coordinator - FL

  • Monette Madayag

    State Coordinator - VA/MD/DC

  • Jodie Merkle

    State Coordinator - CA

  • Adam Pattison

    State Coordinator - OH/WV

  • John Reyes

    State Coordinator - CO

  • RyanRuzek-TeamRWB

    Ryan Ruzek

    State Coordinator - GA

  • Chris Sloan

    State Coordinator - North Carolina

  • Adam Werner

    State Coordinator - IL

  • Sarah Weber

    Welcome Project Intern


  • Amanda Rondon

    Technology Manager

  • LindsayMedeiros-TeamRWB

    Lindsay Medeiros

    Salesforce Administrator

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

  • Nick Bare

    Nick Bare

    Advisory Board Member

  • Tanji Johnson Bridgeman

    Advisory Board member

  • Bill Burgos

    Advisory Board Member

  • Bryan Clay

    Advisory Board Member

  • Clint Dempsey

    Advisory Board Member

  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    Advisory Board Member

  • Lisa Jaster

    Advisory Board Member

  • Kerri Walsh Jennings

    Advisory Board Member

  • Hunter McIntyre

    Advisory Board Member

  • Timothy O'Donnell

    Advisory Board Member

  • Apolo Anton Ohno

    Advisory Board Member

  • Austin Riley

    Advisory Board Member

  • Chandler Smith

    Advisory Board Member

State Coordinators

Activity Group Leaders