Gulf War Chocolate Chipper

13 - 21 JAN 24


Concept of Operations

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On 17 JAN 1991, Operation Desert Shield ended and Operation Desert Storm began. They were the two phases of the Gulf War. The Gulf War (2 AUG 90 - 28 FEB 91) was a war between coalition forces, including the US, and Iraq that was launched in response to Iraq invading Kuwait. It was coined the world’s “shortest war” because joint US and allied forces defeated Iraqi ground forces in Kuwait in just 100 hours. 


Honor the service members who successfully liberated Kuwait in the world’s “shortest war” by taking on our Gulf War Chocolate Chipper workout.

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Complete the Workout


  • Run 1K

  • 100 push ups

  • 100 air squats

  • Run 1K

NOTE: The time cap is 17 minutes.

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Course of Action

Find a Team RWB Gulf War Chocolate Chipper event near you using the map below.

No matter where you do your workout, make sure to grab a battle buddy, friend, or family member.

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Flagship Event

Location: San Diego, CA

Date: JAN 2024


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