Revving Up Support: Team RWB's Journey with BMW

When it comes to driving change and supporting our veterans, Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) and BMW of North America have been on an exciting ride, cruising across the country to empower veterans and create a stronger community. Let's take a closer look at this exciting partnership that began in 2020.

The Old Glory Relay: A Symbol of Unity

One of the most remarkable aspects of this partnership is BMW of North America’s support of the Old Glory Relay. This annual event involves veterans and their supporters coming together to run, walk, and cycle a single American flag across the country. BMW of North America has been part of the effort beginning in 2020, providing specially designed support vehicles to lead participants along the route.

For the 2023 relay, the 100% electric BMW iX decked out with special BMW and Team RWB decals, served as the support vehicle. This remarkable ride journeyed from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA. Along the way, BMW dealerships rallied around the participants, celebrating the arrival of the American flag. It served as a powerful symbol of resilience and support.

Through that support this year, BMW of North America helped us encourage veterans to spend time together, get outside and move 4,000 miles across the country. They made it possible to expand awareness about our mission and show America’s veterans that their best days are still ahead. We ultimately raised over $230k to directly support events, training, and programs that help veterans build a healthy lifestyle.

Extended Support

BMW of North America's commitment to veterans goes beyond the Old Glory Relay. BMW of North America is a longtime supporter of the military and veteran community, offering a military incentive on a lease or new vehicle purchase for Active Duty, retirees, veterans, and military family members.

BMW of North America's support doesn't stop there. They also hosted a Fuel the Mission Sales Event in their central region, which led to donations of over $95,000 to Team RWB in 2021.

Genuine Connection

The partnership between BMW of North America and Team RWB isn't just about financial support. It's a genuine connection between two organizations that believe in the power of community and the strength of veterans.

“I remember a lot of my friends wanted to serve in Germany and be stationed there because they would be able to get a BMW and they could then bring that vehicle back home with them,” said Mike Erwin Founder and Executive Director of Team RWB. “There’s always been a lot of pride and a lot of connection between service members and the BMW brand. I still have friends who have their BMW that they bought 15 years ago while they were serving in the 1st Infantry Division in Germany.”

Team RWB's vision is clear: we’re forging America's leading health and wellness community for veterans. Partners like BMW of North America make it possible for us to execute our mission by providing veterans with events, training, and programming to build healthy lifestyles. 


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