Running with Purpose: Emily’s 2022 MCM Journey

Emily running the 2022 Marine Corps Marathon.

In the world of marathons, few races hold as much history and significance as the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM). It’s an event Emily Rabbitt, a lifelong runner, had tackled before. However, Emily's 2022 MCM surpassed the others. Why? She joined the Team RWB fundraising team, and it transformed her experience into something truly unforgettable.

Emily's father, a Marine and Vietnam War combat veteran and marathoner, played a pivotal role in igniting her love for running. Witnessing him cross the finish line at the MCM in 1986 and 1987 inspired her to take it on one day. And she did. Emily has run the MCM 4 times!

In 2021 and 2022, Emily's father lost two friends from his close-knit group of battle buddies from the Vietnam War, who she had known her whole life.  She went to the Vietnam War Memorial in DC to pay her respects. While there, Emily decided to run the 2022 MCM as a tribute to them but there was a problem. The MCM had already sold out of entries for the 2022 marathon.

Determined to honor the memory of her father’s friends, she sought out a charity to run for, and that's when she discovered Team RWB was listed as an official MCM charity partner. Emily’s partner is a retired Navy officer and a member of Team RWB. She believes in our mission – to forge the leading health and wellness community for America’s veterans – because she had seen firsthand the positive impact of community and lifelong fitness on the lives of the veterans close to her. Emily seized the opportunity to take on the MCM and raise funds for this cause.

Team RWB gave Emily all the tools and support she needed to succeed in her fundraising endeavors. From a personalized Classy page to weekly communications and ongoing assistance, Emily says Team RWB made the entire process seamless.

While telling her connections about Team RWB and asking them to donate came naturally to Emily, she admits certain aspects pushed her outside her comfort zone. Emily isn’t big on social media, so it took her a while to get used to taking post-run selfies and sharing her training progress with her donors. However, the unwavering support from friends, family, and her personal support team made it easier.

Emily's experience at the MCM in 2022 surpassed her previous MCM races, thanks to the incredible camaraderie of Team RWB. Wearing her red Team RWB shirt, she felt a surge of motivation with every cheer of "Go, Eagle!" from the enthusiastic spectators who lined the course. One memorable highlight for Emily was the Team RWB cheer station at mile 11, right before Hains Point. Team RWB MCM Charity Run Coordinator, John Faunce, provided much-needed encouragement and fuel, running alongside Emily and her friend, encouraging them to keep pushing forward. Her running partner was so moved by the experience that she became Emily’s final donation shortly after they crossed the finish line.

Reflecting on her journey, Emily considers her participation in the Team RWB MCM fundraising team as the most rewarding experience she has ever had as a runner. Running with purpose, knowing that her efforts supported veterans, added an entirely new dimension to her marathon experience. She encourages others to join the Team RWB MCM fundraising team.

What are you waiting for?

Lace up your running shoes and embark on a journey that combines personal achievement with a greater purpose. Join the Team RWB MCM fundraising team today.


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