Uniting Forces for Veteran Health and Wellness: Team RWB and Team Neuro

At the heart of a powerful collaboration is mutual respect and aligned vision, which is certainly the case with Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) and Neuro. To date, Neuro and their customers have raised over $53,000 to support America's veterans through Team RWB’s programs. The collaboration between the organizations serves as a platform to help America’s veterans prioritize their well-being and build a healthier lifestyle.

The founders of Neuro, Ryan and Kent, have personal stories of resilience and determination that resonate with the veteran community. Both Ryan and Kent were competitive athletes in college, Ryan in cross-country and track and Kent in karate, Olympic-level judo, and Muay Thai. Their lives took an unexpected turn when Ryan faced a devastating snowboarding accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Together, the college friends met this challenge head-on, with Kent fully by Ryan’s side. As Ryan navigated his recovery and they both continued on with college, they were looking for better ways to support their health and boost their energy than existing health supplements.

Kent, with a neuroscience background, began mixing caffeine supplements in his room, wanting the benefits of caffeine without the stigma of popping a pill or the excess sugars and additives found in caffeine drinks. His intent was to be deliberate and precise, putting just what the body could absorb and utilize in a mint or piece of gum. Ryan, with a chemistry background, says they researched for a year, working to make a balanced caffeine product.

Landing on the right mix (Neuro products contain 40 mg. of caffeine per serving or approximately ½ cup of coffee), they made four pallets-worth of Neuro Gum, and after exposure on Shark Tank, The Dr. Oz Show, and an Indiegogo campaign, orders began to pour in. 

Fulfilling orders by daily trips to the post office from a small apartment, Neuro’s arc is not unlike the early days of Team RWB, when volunteers managed thousands of veteran shirt orders from their garage.  

“It’s easier for people to drink a drink than transform their lifestyle. Yes, (Neuro) is a product, but our brand represents better mental health, better sleep, and getting exercise,” Kent said. 

“Health should be something you share with your friends and your family members. It should be something that’s just part of your life,” said Kent. 

This message strongly aligns with Team RWB’s mission and fitness-as-community mindset.

Similar to Team RWB’s history of adapting and creating new pathways for the veteran community to stay active and charge forward, Neuro’s founders have continued to find new ways to explore their passions and stay active. Ryan continued racing, training with the Paralympic team, and got his pilot’s license. Kent creates large-scale painted murals that have been seen worldwide. And Neuro supplements have evolved to include support for energy and focus, calmness and clarity, and health and vitality. 

Kent and Ryan respect the mental fortitude of those who have served in the military, a mental fortitude they also see in their friend Apolo Ohno, one of Team RWB’s advisory board members. As they built Neuro, they asked themselves how they could give back at the same time, weaving that thread of making an impact through their mission statement and ethos.

By working together, Team RWB and Neuro increase the positive impact on America’s veterans, bringing more veterans to Team RWB’s health and wellness community and sharing with that community the benefits of Neuro supplements. 

If you're looking for a clean burst of energy and focus without the jitters that come with drinking a carafe of coffee, we recommend you try Neuro's gum or mints.

Use code TEAMRWB for 10% off all online Neuro products. 

The best part? 10% of those purchases will be donated right back to Team RWB!


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