Vietnam Battle Drill

23-31 MAR 2024


Concept of Operations


The Vietnam War was a 20 year conflict (1955-1975) between the communist North Vietnamese government and South Vietnam, an American ally. Over 3 million people died during the Vietnam War, including over 58,000 Americans. Vietnam was a long, costly, and unpopular war and our veterans didn’t get the recognition they deserved for their bravery and sacrifice. There were no homecoming parades and many were publicly scorned for their service - voluntary or involuntary. Let’s show Vietnam vets they’re honored and remembered this Veterans Day by breaking a sweat with a functional fitness workout.


Honor Vietnam veterans and give them the homecoming they deserved by taking on our Vietnam Battle Drill.

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Complete the Workout

Complete the following functional fitness workout, reflecting on our Vietnam Veterans.

1959 is when the first US soldiers were killed in Vietnam. 1975 is when the war ended.

Scale if needed.

With Equipment:

  • 59 calorie row/bike

  • 5 toes to bar

  • 8 back squats (95/65)

  • 3 strict press (95/65)

  • 1 thruster (95/65)

  • 8 front back box step ups (95/65)

  • 75 calorie row/bike

Without Equipment:

  • Run/walk 1.2 miles (1959 meters)

  • 5 sit ups

  • 8 squats

  • 3 pushups

  • 1 burpee

  • 8 lunges (each leg)

  • Run/walk 1.23 miles (1975 meters)


Course of Action

Find a Team RWB Vietnam Battle Drill event near you using the map below.

No matter where you do your workout, make sure to grab a battle buddy, friend, or family member.

Map details coming soon.

No event near you?

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Flagship Event

Location: San Antonio, TX

Date: MARCH 2024


Need a little help upping your fitness game to prepare for this mission?

We got you. Join the Vietnam Battle Drill Train Up plan by clicking the trophy icon in the app. 

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